Will you spare £50 ($100) for Perl?

Most Perl 5 programmers having been waiting a long time for Perl 6. We want to use it, we want it to be ready now. But how many of us are paying for it?

Long have I personally wanted to be able to make a useful contribution to Perl 6 and Perl 5 development. The fact of the matter is you have to be a really good programmer in Perl and C, and have knowledge of the way many other languages work, to be able to make a useful contribution to Perl development. At this time I'm not that good a programmer (although I will be in the future :) ), so the other main contributions I could make are financially or to the community.

I've already restarted and merged to old Perl Mongers groups, started the free Perl course project and started the Perl Certified Hosting scheme. But still I feel it's just not enough to contribute to the community without giving some form of financial support to Perl 6 development.

I've been saying for years, as soon as I make a fortune I'll make a big donation, but it hasn't happened yet. I've thought of donating a little, but haven't because I couldn't see it making a difference. In fairness, it wouldn't make a lot of difference, but if we all did, it would make a lot of difference. How many Perl programmers are there? What if all of us gave just a £50 donation to The Perl Foundation? These days a night out or even just a meal for 2 (with drinks) can cost in excess of £50. Would it really be so much for each of us to sacrifice a night out or a meal for 2, just once so that we could donate the money to The Perl Foundation and help make Perl 6 a reality?

I don't have a lot of money, I've got a mortgage, loans and bills to pay. But I'll be staying in this weekend, so I can start the ball rolling, making my donation today (4th September 2008) by PayPal using the form below (goes direct to TPF billing@yapc.org). I encourage every Perl programmer to do the same. Reasons to donate.

Please help spread the word of this scheme, pass on our URL and message to every Perl programmer you know.

So that we can try and gauge the effectiveness of this scheme please email me once you've donated.

Donate Through PayPal (The Perl Foundation is registered as 'Yet Another Society', see this PDF for details)

Donate through the form on the Perl Foundations site


Reasons to donate